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Classified Services

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Having a fireplace in your home adds a sense of cozy comfort, but it is important to make sure you properly maintain the chimney. If the chimney is not correctly cared for, soot can build up and can flood your home with smoke, creating a health hazard to you and your family. A backed-up chimney can also result in inefficient heating from your fireplace, and it can also pose a fire hazard.A1 Chimney specialist has proudly served the region with expert chimney services for years. During that time, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and trustworthy chimney maintenance company. We offer chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and chimney installation services with utmost satisfaction. We truly are “Your local chimney experts.”
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We are your premiere chimney sweep and chimney cleaning contractor in Lakewood. Here at Midtown Chimney Sweeps, we have years of experience working to help clients throughout Colorado inspect and repair chimney issues. If your chimney is acting funny, or you just want someone to take a look at it, call us today and schedule an appointment.
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Mr Pro Services - Chimney Sweep & Repairs is a local Denver CO basedthat offers expert Chimney Sweep andChimney Repairs in Colorado. (720-740-0070)Our experienced technicians will inspect your Chimney from top to bottom toassure you can use your Fireplace safely.Our technicians will provide you with full Estimate regarding to yourFireplace, Chimney Structure, ChimneySweep, Chimney Repairs and ChimneyCaps.Our Estimates will include Pictures and details regarding to the necessaryrequirements recording to Chimney Sweeps and Repairs in Denver,Colorado.On top of that our company can provide services in other fields such as:Dryer Vent Cleaning Denver COAir Duct Cleaning Denver COOur effective Dryer Vent Cleaning | Air Duct Cleaning Equipment provideourcustomers safe and dustless environment while the job is fully done.
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CrownUp Pros is a locally owned company in Denver, Colorado which offers fast and quality services for all your chimney and fireplace needs.We have the experience and the knowledge to make your chimney and fireplace safer for use and healthier for you and your family. Our services make sure your chimney is up to code and functioning properly; this will help reduce pollution, which will be better for the environment while saving you energy and money!We offer fair prices, fast and professional services, and any information you might need before, during, or after services.
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We intend to provide the highest quality, affordable early childhood educational experience available. We look after your child with the same warm concern you would. Our program is play based. Our goal is learning by experimentation and fun. Our lesson plans are child-directed, and learning is differentiated based on your child's current skills and interests.