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Classified Services

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Pro Engineering MEP Consultants delivers best mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services in Denver. We are committed to meeting the customers needs in making a high level of clients satisfaction while ensuring to satisfy the quality standards also.
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Galloway & Company, Inc., is a full-service architecture, engineering and land survey firm that has been providing quality, reliable services and establishing long-lasting, loyal client relationships since 1982. Based in the Denver Tech Center with five regional offices, Galloway provides a full range of services for projects ranging from half-acre pad sites to master-planned communities for local developers as well as national programs.
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The “Optimal Load Controller Method and Device” (OLCMD) is a newly patented broad application, adaptive power generation system optimizer that has emerged in this era where there is a huge and increasing need for practical energy solutions to meet the ever increasing demand for technologies that mitigate climate change that improve and protect our environment.The OLCMD provides an easier and better way to optimize power generation systems while offering high quality optimization. It mitigates environmental impacts by conserving on costly energy resources used by power generation systems thereby reducing their emissions which have been assessed as being number one cause of global warming. The OLCMD technology has been awarded six patents. In addition to the US patent 8,098,054, it was granted British Patent GB2466420, Australian patent 2008311377, Canadian patent 2,701,222, Korean patent 101324513 and Japanese patent 5819388. The OLCMD also has patent applications with the European Patent Organization and in India. Innovative Technologies Corporation is offering the OLCMD as a license to power generation system companies that would like to share our vision for a better world.