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Classified Services

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Our Denver personal training gym is conveniently located in Downtown Denver right off 8th & I-25. Our personal training programs for strength, muscle tone, and weight loss, are customized specifically for you to achieve your goals. All programs include goal setting, customized training, nutritional guidance, and body fat testing. Ongoing assessments are done to adjust your training as you continue to progress toward your goals.
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Our personal training clients come to us at different ages, with different goals, and, of course, with different bodies. This is why all programs will vary drastically from each other. However, one key component will always be present in all programs and that is calisthenics! Training sessions never require any equipment. The only weight that you’ll need to lift is your own bodyweight!
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Only The Best Raccoon Removal Denver Experts! We provide the Squirrel Removal Denver locals have relied on for years. We provide wildlife control service for raccoons, snakes, rats, opposums and any other wildlife that is plaguing your home or business. Having animals in your home can be very unsafe and cause a major disruption in the peace of your home. There’s not much worse than your home not feeling like home! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of animals around your home or business and want them safely and peacefully removed, look no further than our wildlife control company that can eliminate these animals and make sure they do not return. Call the skunk removal Denver experts today and let’s get your home back under control!
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We use the best EMS fitness technology to give you better results faster. Lose fat, build muscle, and get out of pain without living in the gym. We are a Personal Trainer Denver that let's you get back to life, see results in just 2, 20-minute sessions a week. At Active Wave, we believe success comes from progress. We know that life gets crazy and often our health and fitness goals can fall to the side.
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Wildlife, Inc. has been the trusted choice for thousands of homes and businesses for Denver wildlife control since 2000. Offering one of the most humane, certified, professional and quality assured wildlife and pest control services, such as, raccoon removal, bat removal, vole removal and skunk removal. Wildlife, Inc. technicians are all certified, licensed and trained along with wildlife biologists on staff. Contact us today for all of your Denver wildlife removal services.
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Michael Moody offers personal training to Denver residents who want to train at the 2460 W 26th Ave studio (LoHi neighborhood) or in parks throughout the following areas: LoDo, River North, Washington Park, Cherry Creek, City Park, Central Park, Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Park Hill, Highland, Platt Park, Lower Highlands, Sloan Lake as well as the zip codes 80215, 80214, 80204, 80203, 80205, 80207, 80218, 80219, 80222, 80223, 80224, 80246, 80238, 80221, 80022, 80230, 80231, 80202, 80209, 80247, 80211, and 80210.Stop into the 2460 W 26th Ave studio today and hire this personal fitness trainer in Denver to assist you with your personal training and weight loss!